What Is Fire Awareness Training?

According to the findings of fire safety risk assessment management, fire awareness training should always be offered to employees. The main purpose of this training is to engage and encourage employees and even employers in an organization to be more fire-aware, and to realize how fast and how readily fires can grow and why there is provision for safeguards. By properly using this approach, the employees will definitely modify their behaviors in an effective and efficient manner when it comes to dealing with fire outbreaks, both at work place or home. So, what is fire awareness training?

The Course Content for Fire Awareness Training

Introduction – The opening session of this course mainly focuses on opening the eyes of attendees/employees to be aware of the risk involved, both at work and at home.

Fire ignition – This session includes the fundamentals of fire triangle (necessary and crucial when fighting fires start and also preventing them), the common ignition sources, and what individuals can do to avoid these situations from happening.

Development of fire – How fires develop and spread, including the fuel sources. In this section, there is an emphasis on how fast fire can spread and on how there is limited time to respond to it while highlighting the importance of preventive action.

Preventing and containing fire from spreading – In fire awareness training, this is one of the most crucial sections of the course, covering fire doors, escape routes, just to mention a few. In addition, this section of fire safety is the component that offers people a chance to evacuate from the building before being trapped inside by the fire.

Use of Fire extinguishers on live fire – Usually, this session begins with a quick overview of the overall classes of fire. Different types of fire extinguishers available to fight fire and how each of them works for different fires and their suitability as well. However, this isn’t just a quick carbon dioxide blast on some burning gasoline in a tray, but needs the employees to perfectly aim and move the fire extinguisher across the entire burning area to put fire out.

Action on fire discovery – What to do for the very first time when there is fire. In this case, the available procedures are incorporated during this time and if not any is available, the standard procedure is used and the attendees for fire awareness training are provided with their copies of these standard procedures to use them as the basis of their brand spanking new system of in-house.

The summary – The content is reviewed, including the use of real fire situations videos to illustrate and demonstrate how critical actions can control fire risk, both should fire break out and to prevent fires starting and how people should evacuate from the building on fire.

The Importance of Fire Awareness Training

In every household, office, business, or even industrial establishments, there is importance of fire safety to be upheld always. Although, basic instinct or stock knowledge of an individual may guide him perfectly in pressing situations, advancing the knowledge on how effectively and efficiently to handle a fire outbreak can be of great help as well.

Fire awareness training has a lot to offer than just informing people on the basics of dealing with various fire situations. Correct and proper usage of equipments in fire practice drills and prevention can improve the ability of a person to function optimally in such situations. It is important to have more people with adequate knowledge about fire prevention. In addition, the more individuals getting involved in the fire safety and prevention will be better rather than having one individual in a big organization doing all the work.

Getting your employees attend fire awareness training can be an excellent way of securing safety in the workplace. In that regard, every employee, staff and subordinate staff must understand what actions and responsibilities to take in their working place as an individual when there is an emergency. To identify the people responsible for various aspects of the whole plan is very essential so that during an emergency, any confusion is reduced and the employees will not have to worry to whom shall have the authority or mandate for making critical decisions, in case of a fire outbreak. Lastly, fire awareness training should always be done least once a year. This is one of the best steps to take towards the fire safety and precaution measures.

What does Fire warden training involve

A fire warden is the trained member of an organization who is responsible for preventing the likelihood of fire within the workplace through observations and checks. The responsibility also includes ensuring that every employee at the workplace is safe even if any unforeseen circumstances take place. Their role in an event of fire is to establish an organized and safe evacuation of the building and also to help people who are in need of additional support. During the evacuation process, their duty involves taking register of every staff and sharing every detail about the fire mishap with the fire services on their arrival. Fire warden training need to be undertaken by fire wardens so that they are taught about every possible way of facing these unfavorable circumstances.


Fire warden training is about teaching the fire warden to show a strong sense of responsibility and courage in an event of fire, ultimately being fire safety compliance. They are taught about putting the lives of other people before their own and not to step back even when they come in face with the greatest adversities. This training involves passing written physical examinations in which the physical and mental capabilities of the candidate is tested. They also need to go through a strict regime which will determine whether the candidate is fit for his job or not. This training also involves the candidate to through rigorous training schedules where he is trained for facing any kind of situation. This training involves learning as well as practical sessions which is generally delivered by any ex fire service offer or any other suitable and qualified person. The candidates are also taught about trying out the different kind of fire extinguishers on simulated live fire. The fire wardens are also taught about the reason why fire starts spreading quickly and how they can reduce the elements surrounding the fire that may aggravate fire further. This training involves identifying the potential reason that can result in the starting of a fire and preventing the fire from occurring at first place. They are even taught about the different ways in which they can bring fire under their control and stop the fire from spreading further.


Fire warden training also involves teaching the fire wardens about the different ways of extinguishing fire but if these things are unavailable then how can these fire wardens use the available things for extinguishing the fire. The various duties of these candidates are taught to them which include leading from front in case of fire, preventing panic attack among trapped people, giving prompt instructions and leading the firemen. This training also includes evacuating the people from building especially infants and handicap people. These fire wardens are also trained about people who have fainted during fire in the smoke and also helping people who have taken shelter in the niches of the building like the basement or attics.


But the most important point that these fire warden needs to remember that training is only theoretical knowledge but they need to go on field for fighting a conflagration that needs practical knowledge. Thus after getting the training, it is very important to get practical knowledge in case of a fire and how to deal in such situation. This training enables them to understand these fire wardens whether they are capable for performing the task or not. It also enables them to get a boost in their confidence level in case they have to fight a fire and bring the situation under control. The qualifications required for this training is not too high and therefore anyone from an organization can undergo their training and it is also very affordable and hence anyone can enroll for a fire warden program.


The fire warden training also need to include knowing about many other essential points like the assembly points in case of a fire, emergency exit routes and fire alarm points. The fire safety risk assessment of the building should also be carried on so that fire can be prevented. This training can also be tailored according to the needs to different business and the fire consultant that do the training at the business premises which helps the employees to get first hand training about dealing with fire and meeting the situation in a well defined procedure.


Discover the basics of being a fire warden

Have you ever considered being a fire warden? There are some basic things you should know as well as having the appropriate fire awareness training. Whether working at a large factory or at a small office, learning these basics will effectively apply wherever you work or reside. In the end, you will be in a better position to save lives and avert injuries.

A fire warden is an individual tasked with the responsibility of leading evacuation operations and emergency measures in the event of an accidental fire at a factory, institution, office building or other commercial premises. Being a fire warden calls for sacrifice and courage as it involves a considerable amount of danger.

Desirable qualities of a fire warden

A person tasked with the responsibility of evacuating people should have a strong character. Ensure you choose someone who is calm and composed even in times of strife. This way, he will effectively deal with emergencies. As it may require lifting fire equipment and even persons, the fire warden should be physically fit. In most cases, fire wardens are male, but women can also make good fire wardens.

The person should be tall so that he can access high positions when trying to put out the fire. In the same breath, he should be aware of any disabled people in the building who need evacuation. This may mean carrying him or her to safety. Physical strength will also come in handy when moving items impeding the evacuation of people and fighting the fire.

Responsibilities of fire warden

If you are looking for a fire warden among a group of employees, ensure you settle on the one who knows the building or establishment best. This way, he can reach the fire fighting appliances faster than other occupants. Let him know the exit routes thoroughly to be able to evacuate people effectively. In this regard, you can choose a person who has worked or lived in the building for long. In an educational institution like a university, the fourth year students can make better fire wardens than the freshmen.

In the case of fire or bomb scares, he should ensure safe evacuation of people and assembly to the fire point. There, he does a headcount to ensure no occupant or other person is stranded within the facility. When the professional fire fighters arrive, he can assist by providing important information. Additionally, he should do regular checks and inspections of the firefighting equipment, exit routes and other safety apparatus. In this regard, you should find a person who is always present within the said building or establishment. Should he be away on vacation or long holidays, he should delegate the duties to assistants.

Fire warden training

Appropriate training of fire wardens should be done regularly to equip these individuals with top-notch skills to deal with the crisis. They are mostly convened and conducted by professional emergency authorities such as the St John Ambulance, Red Cross and local town
councils. The trainees are educated on human behavior, especially during emergencies. Here, fire wardens are trained on evacuation procedures and safety precautions.

Additionally, they learn the practical use of equipment such as fire hoses, extinguishers and cylinders. Here they do mock fire extinguishing to have a feel of the real disasters of fire breakouts. Similarly, they are informed of essential firefighting equipment and
how to properly wear them. In this regard, training is extended to other occupants of buildings and establishments such as caretakers and curators. At the end of the training, the wardens receive certificates of competency.

Places where fire wardens are needed

Most residential areas are prone to fires usually from kitchens, so residents should appoint several fire wardens. If there are charges for the training of the warden, all residents of a building should contribute towards the training of their fire warden. Most construction companies should also facilitate the training of their staff regularly. Fires are bound to arise from flammable substances such as tar, paint and other construction chemicals.

Similarly, gas and oil production companies are prone to fires. Other places that need trained fire wardens are college campuses, offices, churches, hospitals, government buildings and business centres. Evidently, there are many places where a fire warden is needed. They work to avert great danger by the time the professional firefighters arrive. Therefore, it is wise to know the basics of being a fire warden.